Make sure you are fit, if you don’t feel well then you won’t be comfortable getting tattooed. Eat well before getting tattooed and bring a snack and a drink if you are in for a couple of hours. Even if you think you are just sitting, getting tattooed will cost you a lot of physical and mental effort. Because of an adrenaline rush you can feel tired after a couple of hours.


When the tattoo is done we will put Vaseline on it and wrap it with cling film. Leave this on for 2 hours and clean it with warm water and soap after that. It doesn’t matter what kind of soap but be sure to wash all the Vaseline off and all the soap. Dab it dry with a clean towel.

Don’t put any creme on it for the next 2 to 3 days. This all depends on how it feels, if you have a dry skin and it starts to sting of dryness start with a creme on it before the 2/3 days.
We recommend Vaseline bodylotion, not the regular Vaseline and not Bepanthen because they are too thick. These cremes will take a while to get absorbed into the skin so your clothes will stick to the fresh tattoo which can cause irritation or infection. Also with Bepanthen, even if you used it before, it can cause a rash. If this happens stop with Bepanthen and start using a thinner creme.

The purpose of the creme is to keep the crusts supple so they don’t rupture.
The crusts need to come of on their own, this means that the underlying skin is healed. If it itches, don’t scratch but put creme on it. Itching means that the skin is almost healed.

The skin will look healed after about two weeks, but it will be completely healed, also under the surface, after four weeks.
In these four weeks, don’t expose your tattoo to sunlight, don’t go tanning and don’t go to the sauna.
You have up to six months after getting your tattoo to come back for touch ups for free if necessary.