Tattoo Aftercare

After choosing your tattoo design and getting the ink done at our studio, aftercare is by far the most important aspect of your tattoo journey. Aftercare should not be taken lightly – you need to know how to take care of a tattoo as best as possible in order to get the most beautiful results possible.

Aftercare Guideline
  • Leave the bandage on for about 2 / 3 hours
  • Wash the tattoo with water and perfume free soap, then gently pat dry with a clean towel ( you can shower )
  • Don’t put any crème or lotion on your tattoo for the first two to three days
  • If the tattoo get’s stuck to your clothes, take a shower with your clothes on and soak loose ( don’t pull your clothes off because it will damage the tattoo )

During Healing Process:

  • After about 3 day’s you start to apply your tattoo with a neutral perfume free body lotion.
    We recommend : Bepanthen / hustle butter / Vaseline intensive care advanced repair ( Do not scratch the scabs or you’ll damage the tattoo )
  • Don’t use any greasy crèmes like vaseline ( petroleum jelly ) this will attract dust and bacteria
  • Try not to touch your tattoo, if you do make sure your hands are clean
  • Don’t cover your tattoo with bandages
  • It will take about 2/3 weeks until your tattoo is fully healed
  • Avoid saunas, bathing and swimming for 2 weeks long

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