Born in Utrecht Holland in April 1969 and moved to Amsterdam in 1971. He was always fascinated with tattoos. At the age of 5 his mother had to clean him every bloody day from pen drawings he did all over his arms, legs and hands.

By the time he was 9 he figured out how to make a tattoo with East-Indian ink and a needle. Within a year he had done 4 small tattoos on his arm. Later on he made his own a machine (as everybody did at the time) of a cassette-player motor , a guitar string, some melted plastic and started to tattoo more on himself and his friends. When he was about 14 years old he bought a tattoo set and started to tattoo a lot of people where he lived.

The guys from the tattoo parlor that sold the tattoo set to him noticed that he was doing more tattoos (customers) than they did, so they offered him an apprenticeship and off did he go. From that time on he was tattooing 24/7 and he opened his own studio in 1989 nearby the Rembrandt square, called Tattoo Palace. 

He was always interested in portraits, especially in black & grey. Faces, skulls, death and destruction, angels and soft tones in shading is what he prefers to do. He likes contrast in sleeves (really dark against really light) and of course he is into all kinds of realism nowadays. You can find his latest work on Facebook and Instagram.